Halo leading the way


Personally I have never enjoyed playing Halo at any point, however it really does look like it is the platform leading the launch of new integrations on the Xbox 360.

2 very recent announcements demonstrate this clearly.

Firstly a new Windows Phone 7 app – Halo Waypoint.  The most amazing part of this app is called ATLAS (Assisted TacticaL Assault System) which allows you to watch real-time maps of your team and their positions during battle in Halo reach and Halo anniversary.  Not only can you see their position but you can also see what weapon they have equipped and their health status.

You can also look over the maps before hand to build on your tactics and view where weapons and key spots are.  I eagerly await the news of this feature coming to Call Of Duty next.

Secondly, Kinect integrations to be included in Halo Anniversary.  These include:

  • Voice commands – Allowing you to reload, throw grenades and so on by shouting at your TV set.
  • Analyse Mode – Throughout single player you can scope certain objects and “scan” them building a library of information you can study to your hearts content.

It’s nice to see these new ways of playing coming in without taking you away from the original way of actually playing the game.


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