Nintendo just can’t get it right!

3ds 600 x 300

It seems like the already struggling 3DS is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t.

Early supporters of the console, NIS America, have expressed concern about forthcoming title “Cave Story 3D”.  I shall let Haru Akenaga, the Company’s president, tell you more.

I’m really worried about sales for Cave Story…. Actually, we could have released the title in the summer of this year, but the market was not great then. Almost all of the retailers did not want to carry 3DS titles that were not AAA titles. That’s why we postponed the release of Cave Story until the market conditions improved. Now there are many big titles coming and that should be better for 3DS. I hope Cave Story will have reorders and always have a spot on store shelves.

So basically, what he is saying it that they didn’t want to release earlier because there weren’t enough titles – and now he is upset because there are too many titles?  What do you think?  Is this the classic case of “getting your excuses in early?” or does he have a point?  Gamers Domain can actually see things from his point of view.  The 3DS is likely to be the second or third console in households.  With so many triple-A titles on other consoles, and both Mario titles coming out within weeks of each other (surely an unprecedented situation) the 3DS market could be squeezed even more at a time when it really needs room to breathe.


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