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By Andrew, October 21, 2011 1 3DS, News

As far as Gamers Domain is concerned (well, this writer anyway – I think the rest of the staff will lynch me for this), Mario Kart 7 is the most anticipated game of the year.  And today, Nintendo announced some… Read More »

By Andrew, October 11, 2011 0 3DS, News


By Andrew, October 10, 2011 0 3DS, News

It seems like the already struggling 3DS is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t. Early supporters of the console, NIS America, have expressed concern about forthcoming title “Cave Story 3D”.  I shall let Haru Akenaga, the Company’s… Read More »

By Andrew, October 10, 2011 0 3DS, News

Those who own a 3DS will know that one of the coolest (although perhaps most underused) features of the new console is the street pass facility, which allows people to connect with each other when their 3DS comes into range…. Read More »

New Mario Land 3D Videos!

By NewsReporter, October 9, 2011 0 3DS, News

This week has seen the release of many new Mario Land 3D videos – trailers, gameplay, story, and others.  These have been released over the last three days, and here we gather them all together for your enjoyment.  Some have… Read More »